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City, University of London

  • Studied relevant practical modules such as News Writing, Digital Journalism, Audio and Visual Journalism, Media Law, Feature Writing

  • Received firsts in assessments from News Writing, Audio and Visual Journalism, and Digital Journalism

Live from 205

  • Reporter, Editor, Writer, Substitute Anchor

  • Created news Packages twice a week

  • Interviewed students, community leaders, community members

  • Edited news packages with Final Cut Pro

  • Wrote anchor cues with Rundown Creator

  • Presented the 30 minute live show when needed

Other Achievements

  • Published in Photographer's Forum: Best in Photography 2017

  • Class of 2020 Scholar Athlete Award for Swimming

  • Class of 2020 World Language Department Award for Spanish

  • Head of Communications for City, University of London Hispanic and Latino Society

  • Varsity swim captain for Palos Verdes High School

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